Heart Health

Herbs and nutrients have been found to support cardiovascular health by improving the blood pathway, helping to regulate cholesterol levels and counteracting free radical damage. Obtaining important nutrients (often deficient in the diet) and using herbs can help return and maintain heart health.

Heart Healthy Ingredients


According to the Mayo Clinic, garlic contains at least two heart-strengthening characteristics: 1) cholesterol regulator, and 2) anti-clotting properties. Specifically, the anti-clotting ability has been shown to help remove harmful LDL cholesterol from arterial walls while increasing beneficial HDL cholesterol.

Hawthorne Berries

These berries have been called “tonic for the heart” because their antioxidant (bioflavonoid) content has been shown to increase blood circulation to the heart muscle and reduce symptoms of angina. Recent studies have also indicated that Hawthorne is beneficial in helping regulate blood pressure and removing harmful plaque.


According to the National Institute of Health, parsley is a preferred herb for heart health. Besides its abundant antioxidant content, parsley contains high amounts of folate, a B Vitamin critical in minimizing homocysteine levels (the most accurate indicator of the potential for heart damage).

Cayenne (also known as Capsicum)

Cayenne’s benefits are many, but specifically for the heart, it has a long history of being used to improve and equalize heart-related circulation without increasing blood pressure. This ability is critical in the prevention of heart damage.

Additional beneficial herbs for heart health include: Basil, Blessed Thistle, Valerian, Kelp, Mistletoe Leaf, Passionflower, Skullcap, Prickly Ash, Linden Flower, Siberian Eleuthero Root, and Yarrow

Powerful Blends

Nature’s Plus Hypertrol

Advanced Therapeutics Hypertrol® Rx-Blood Pressure® is a precisely calibrated formula derived from scientific studies and clinical evaluation. It is a unique specialty formula designed for any individual concerned with maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Solaray Artery Blend SP-9

This is a unique and powerful blend which includes: Garlic, Valerian, Black Cohosh, Cayenne, Kelp, Blessed Thistle, and Parsley supported with five heart-targeted homeopathic ingredients.

HB Pressure Tonic from Herbs Etc.

This professional strength formula has been designed using proven botanicals to support healthy blood pressure.

Options for Garlic and Hawthorne Support:

  • Kyolic Circulation 106
  • Kyolic Cardiovascular 100
  • New Chapter Garlic Force
  • Solaray Hawthorne
  • Eureka Market Hawthorne Tincture

Cholesterol Support Options:

  • Solaray Red Yeast Rice
  • Bluebonnet Cholesterice
  • Solaray Guggul

Critical Nutrient Support Options

Homocysteine is a form of the amino acid cysteine that is naturally present in blood. But high levels of homocysteine are an indicator of potential risk for cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. The most critical nutrients for keeping homocysteine levels in the safe range are Vitamins B6, B12, Folate (not synthetic folic acid) and magnesium.

  • KAL Homocysteine Modifier

CoQ10 / Ubiquinol is found in all the cells of the body. It occurs in two forms: Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10 form) and Unbiquinol (increased bioavailability for people with compromised digestions). Research has shown Coenzyme Q10 may be helpful in lowering blood pressure and isolated systolic hypertension.

  • Bluebonnet Ubiquinol
  • Natural Factors CoQ10
  • Solaray CoQ10 High Potency

L-Carnitine is an amino acid found in the heart, brain and muscles. L-carnitine has been found to help coronary artery disease by enabling the heart to use oxygen more efficiently. In several studies, heart patients who took L-carnitine were able to exercise longer/harder without developing chest pain. It has also been shown to help lower LDL cholesterol (the bad one) while boosting the HDL cholesterol (the good one).

Magnesium, often called the “Stress Mineral” is critical for over 300 functions in the body. Magnesium regulates muscular contraction, which makes its availability to the heart “muscle” critical.

Specialty Products

Siddha Heart - a powerful formula that can help balance the heart: Excellent for those who tend to be too much in their head and not enough in their heart. It helps one get into a good mental space; relaxed and open. It is a beneficial for those interacting with lots of people on a daily basis because it can increase energy levels and prevent a “drained” feeling after working with clients or customers. Many have found it helpful in establishing clearer boundaries so another person’s stress does not become your own.

Host Defense Reishi:  Organic mushroom formula designed specifically to support the heart. Phyllis Balch states in her book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” that Reishi is used to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease, lower high cholesterol levels and improve blood flow to the heart.

"Earl Mindell's Supplement Bible"
"The Little Herb Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition"


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