What Are People Saying About Quercetin?

What Are People Saying About Quercetin?


Below are actual comments taken from a discussion chain on the web site
Global Healing Center.

Amie: “I've been taking Quercetin since April for allergies and have seen a dramatic difference. I'm a fan! Just curious, though...are we able to stay on it indefinitely or only about 6 to 8 weeks? Thanks!”


Lindsay from Global Healing Center: “I have severe ragweed allergies and before ragweed season starts to right after for a bit I take 2 supplements that have a good amount of Quercetin in them but one of them I am allowed to take on an “as needed” basis for asthma or anything that may pop up that I feel the need for. I would think that if you feel a need to keep taking it and it is helping that it wouldn’t hurt to keep using it for what you need it for. My kinesiologist has never stressed there was anything that I would need to worry to stop taking it. I hope that was helpful :)”


Tea: “I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 20 (26 years ago) and had to use an inhaler every day to keep my airway clear and "wheeze-free". I have been taking a quercetin supplement along with a probiotic for about 8 years now and haven't had to use an inhaler since! My allergies have even improved tremendously!”

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Dee Dee: “Awesome to hear! I am a runner with asthma and I was using my inhaler 3-4 times a day! sometimes more to sleep.. then I started using acv (apple cider vinegar in water) and I could literally feel my lungs relax and open and now I have drastically reduced usage and feel SO much better - my breathing has improved greatly even while running! So today I got quercetin to supplement the acv – can’t wait to try it since it worked so well for you!”


Mycall Global Healing Center: “Whenever I feel like the symptoms of a cold brewing I take quercetin. I have been amazed how quickly it works to knockout those symptoms. Whenever I see someone suffering with similar symptoms I recommend them to take quercetin. They too are amazed!!! It has dramatically improved my life and I am pleased with no side effects, other than some dry mouth.”


JeanB: “Have been using Quercetin for about 6 months for Interstitial Cystitis. It is helping a lot.”

Msbee to JeanB: “I have IC (Interstitial Cystitis) also and take Quercetin, Omega 3, Selenium, and Turmeric. After 10 years of excruciating pain, I have now been symptom free for about 14 months. Blessed relief. Good luck to you.”


Michelle Marolda-Parvana to JeanB: “Me too. I Just started and what a difference!”


Misty Simpson: “I was in bed for 2 days with severe seasonal allergies. After researching natural cures on the internet, quercetin kept coming up. I went to a natural food store last night and bought some. Within an hour of taking it, I felt markedly better. I had expected it to take much longer. I am a true believer and look forward to discovering a lot more natural remedies.”

Amy: “I developed some sort of allergic reaction.... to something!!! I went to dermatologist and 2 allergy specialist. No luck. Then I went to my nutrition store, and they gave me Quercetin and voila!! Problem solved!!! My rash / hives have gone away and I am off the Allegra and other Rx meds..... Genius!! So happy!!”


Helen Hay: “I've been taking quercetin for well over a year for chronic rosacea and it cleared my skin within days of taking it. Highly recommend it to any suffers.”

“I have heard quercetin helps keep the herpes virus at bay!”

Ray S: “This stuff help cure my gas problems. For about 3 months straight I use to fart almost every 10 minutes. I don't know what was going on. GI doctors said I was eating too much fiber but even after cutting fiber out it was still happening. Tried this and now only farting once a day! Praise the Lord!”

E.L.: “Love QUERCETIN ...take for seasonal allergies and then continued into the winter months also – when I stopped, the veins in my leg hurt, and realized the "Q" had reduced the swelling of the varicose veins. Feel best when i take it every day- all year long.”


Sonia Margarita Gangotena: “Taking one Quercetin a day and allergies have been almost under control, after this article I am increasing to 3 a day for a total of one gram for greater support.”

Claudie Claudie: “I've been taking Quercetin with vitamin C for 15 years for respiratory allergies where no over the counter or prescription medicines works. I don't get cold or flu with the doses I am taking. I don't take any other allergy pills.”


Ron: “I am 55 years old and have been taking supplements for over 35 years and have experienced great results with quercetin having once had allergies and asthma. This one product has helped me out tremendously. I have not experienced any allergies in years now using quercetin. I highly recommend this product. thank you.”


Alaina Rose: “I've been taking Quercetin for almost a year now (and have enough for another 4 months on hand so rest assured I have every intention of continuing to take it) and haven't once gotten sick! I used to get sick all the time. When I cut back to once a day or stop taking it altogether, I get headaches, itchy nose, start sneezing and sniffling, acne, and this feeling like there's a blockage in one of my ears comes back. As long as I continue taking Quercetin and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for my asthma, I feel great!”


Megan is our product curator and store visionary. Personally vetting every product that comes through the door, she evaluates thousands of items each month with a focus on quality ingredients and value. Well-schooled in the supplements department and the editor of our in-store newsletters, she still insists her main job is raising three daughters! (Wichita, Kansas)


2019 marks Jae’s 20th year working as a Holistic Nutritionist and Supplement Specialist in the Health Food industry. This environment has afforded the opportunity to discuss health issues and solutions with thousands of customers and clients. Along the way, she has acquired multiple certifications including biogenealogy, environmental biology, holistic nutrition and various healing modalities. She is currently studying to complete a Ph.D in Holistic Nutrition.

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