I won’t belabor this point, since these are fairly obvious no-no’s on any diet, much less the Paleo diet. Eating foods with added sugars or highly concentrated forms of sugar such as high-fructose corn syrup is largely blamed for many of the health issues we see today in the modern world (Obesity Society, 2014, Press Release). Everything from obesity, to diabetes, to cardiovascular disease - the list goes on.  Almost any consultation with any health professional regarding diet will have you start with a reduction in sugar. It can go by many names, unfortunately, as companies try and “hide behind” more natural claims, but your body treats it all the same. Sugar, evaporated cane juice, agave nectar - these are all sugar.

But what about naturally occurring sugars in fruits for example? This is a case where it will largely depend on your personal health and goals. That said, anytime you consume a fruit, you’re also getting fiber and therefore feeling more satiated, along with getting any vitamins and nutrients with that fruit. Just something to consider!

As for hydrogenated oils: these led to the discovery of the negative impact of trans fat on health.  These oils tend to be highly refined, highly inflammatory, and the rise in their consumption is often cited as a key to the current heart disease issues facing many Americans (Yale News, 2017).